The OneTo11 ecosystem will be completely decentralized after the public offering and vesting schedule is concluded, and all the decisions will be made through voting by the stakeholders in a democratic manner. OneTo11 will use the POS(Proof of Stake) protocol to establish voting parameters from token holders. Each token will provide a single vote to token holders (1:1 weightage distribution). With complete control over decision making OneTo11 will be the first gaming ecosystem to develop a player-owned gaming economy that has its own games, tokens, and marketplace. This player-owned economy will introduce a true Play-To-Earn economy where gamers are also decision-makers while being the users and content creators.

Game DAOs

Every Game on the OneTo11 platform will be decentralised using a DAO mechanism allowing gamers and token owners to vote and decide on the governance of individual games. Allowing gamers and token owners to participate in the governance process enables higher trust from the gamers and demand for the token.

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1To11 Token Staking

The 1To11 staking will be introduced with the public release of the token where token holders with a certain minimum quantity of tokens will be able to lock in (stake) their token to earn interest from the staked value.

1To11 will offer flexible staking periods with incremental APY to reward long-term holders with higher APY as a reward for their trust in the project.

The Staking periods will be offered in increments of 6 months starting from a minimum of 1 year. The longer staking commitment will reward token holders with higher APY and they will still be able to participate in voting and governance decisions for the OneTo11 ecosystem as a virtue of their token ownership.

(Table to represent Staking APY with time periods)

NFT MarketPlace

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The NFT marketplace by OneTo11 will allow NFT creators to showcase, sell and buy NFTs. Marketplace will be multi-currency compatible with low transaction cost and quick clearance of sale value to the seller. Since the marketplace will be integrated with the OneTo11 ecosystem the player/NFT creators on OneTo11 will be able to directly list their NFTs on the Marketplace.

The marketplace will be open to any creator on the planet to convert their assets into NFTs, irrespective of digital or physical form.

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