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Game Types & User Personas Sports

Game Types & User Personas

Sports Fantasy Game

The fantasy gaming app from OneTo11 enables gamers to create their own fantasy teams and compete against each other at a global level for contest prizes. This game is targeted at sports enthusiasts and people who want to use their expertise in sports and monetize it via fantasy competition. This can accommodate any sport on the planet namely - football, cricket, baseball, basketball, field hockey, and many others. The wide scope of this game allows OneTo11 to capture the market which is already indulged in sports via various national and international sporting events. People around the world already invest a lot of time watching and analyzing their favorite teams/players/leagues, and the fantasy game from OneTo11 allows them to use their analytical capabilities to win monetary rewards while enjoying the live events.

Casual Mobile Game

The casual mobile gaming app from OneTo11 features multiple casual games with an average playtime of 1-5 minutes. These games are targeted at casual gamers who use their smartphones to play while they are free or in-between daily activities to refresh their mood. The games do not require a long time for gameplay, so casual gamers can use their free time to compete globally. The app itself can accommodate an ever-increasing list of games such as - Ludo, Fruit slice, 8 Ball Pool, card games, and many others. Multiple games within the app allow gamers to jump from one game to another within the app, as casual games have a short lifespan and multiple games keep the user engaged. Women and young adults/students are a major chunk of casual gamers who like easy to play games that can be played with friends simultaneously.

Learning-based Game

The Learning Games app from OneTo11 features quizzes and trivia on topics selected by gamers. This game type is highly popular among students who can learn and accumulate information while playing with their friends. The university and school students will have the opportunity to test their knowledge, engage in competition and earn more than just pocket money by putting their knowledge to work.

RPG and Metaverse - The RPG Metaverse game is an ever-expanding universe that allows gamers to develop their avatar from caveman to space-age humans. This game is targeted at hardcore gamers who invest time and skills in the game. The entire game is composed of elements that can be converted into NFTs and that is why this game provides the highest earning potential for gamers. The gamers can develop their avatars/characters indefinitely to build value while also owning elements in the game for trading purposes.

Developing the characters will be done by collecting experience in the game, doing tasks, and buying enhancements like weapons, tools, elements, etc.

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